1. Call to Action!!! Defeat WRA's Proposed Designated Agency Legislation
  2. Murder, Theft & the Wisconsin Realtors Association
  3. No Higher Standard--The Common Law of Agency
  4. Bombshell!!! Wisconsin Realtors Association Secretly Fleeces Wisconsin Home Sellers and Buyers
  5. Proof of Deception--Wisconsin Realtors Association Secretly Fleeces Wisconsin Home Sellers and Buyers, Part II
  6. Fair-Minded People Agree--The WRA Practices/Promotes Willful Deception
  7. Special Bulletin: Fellow Realtor Says to WRA, Encourage the Debate!
  8. Conspiracy--Wisconsin Realtors Association Conspires Against Membership/Public to Restrain Trade
  9. SPECIAL BULLETIN: Smoking Gun 1, A Consumer Speaks Out
  10. Designated Agency Update--Debunking the WRA's Deception
  11. Candidate for Governor is First to Back Wisconsin Consumers
  12. Conflict of Interest Exposed--State of Wisconsin Real Estate Board Shills for WRA
  13. Open Letter to Dept of Reg and Licensing Secretary Herrera
  14. Consumer Federation of America Speaks Out Against Designated Agency
  15. NAEBA Questions Wisconsin Realtors Association
  16. NO Outside Support for Wisconsin Realtors Association Designated Agency Legislation
  17. Open Letter to Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, Scott R. Jensen
  18. PAC-rrrs vs. Packers -- "Oh, That's What They Were Thinking!"
  19. Anatomy of a (Potential) Legislative Con Game
  20. REAL-Reform Defeats Designated Agency in Wisconsin

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